Top Women Cricketers of New Zealand With Most Runs In ODI

With many innovations in cricket it has come up with one of the best format i.e. ODIs (One Day Internationals). These one-inning games last 50 overs each, and sides are expected to follow all laws and regulations within a certain number of overs. In these kind of games, where one requires cooperation, expertise, and strategic thinking to assess opponents’ gameplay, team play is quite important. It’s harder to score more runs in cricket. The ball may well be difficult to hit since the field is tiny. It is typically challenging to get past the first or second fielder. Even if a player manages to get across the field, they might not be able to obtain the ball since this fielders are probably right next to it.

As a result, running is essential to playing cricket. The player gains easier access to the ball and increases their chance of scoring runs by running between the wickets. Running is essential for keeping the player engaged in the sport. A player’s team is going to have easier time winning when they have players that could also sprint around the field and score runs.

Before exploring the top New Zealand women batsmen in detail, let’s have a look on the rankings until now as per analysis of women cricket news.

Name of player                       Number of matches played                Runs

Suzie Bates                              142                                                      5045

Amy Satterthwaite                  145                                                      4639

Debbie Hockley                       118                                                      4064

Sophie Devine                         128                                                      3227

Haidee Tiffen                          117                                                      2919

1.      Suzie Bates :-

The first and the most finest one Suzie Bates was a former national team’s caption who was furious in her play.  Further, she currently captain the New Zealand Women’s Twenty20 cricket team in both runs and batting average. Uptill now she had gained all 10 centuries out of which last was in the year 2018 against Ireland when she pulled out 151 runs. She surpassed Debbie Hockley’s 4,064 runs in the exact same game to overtake her as the top female run scorer in New Zealand.

Achievements :-

2013- Was given the term ICC Women’s One-Day International Cricketer of the year.

2015- ICC Women’s ODI and Twenty-20 International Cricketer for that year

2018- Termed as the top female run scorer in New Zealand, been given a central contract by a formal New Zealand cricket association

In September 2018 she stepped out of the position giving it to Amy Satterthwaite.

2.      Amy Satterthwaite

Moving forward the list points to Amy Satterthwaite, the vice captain of nationals squad. She initially played domestically for Canterbury Magicians then got herself into the BBL of Australia (Big Bash League) in Melbourne Renegades. In the long span of 2007 to 2022 she represented the country beautifully on the crease in ODI matches as well as the Twenty20s. In 2009 and 2013, she also participated inside this Women’s Cricket World Cup.

Achievements :-

  • Became the first player in WODI history and 2nd one in ODIs to made up 4 consecutive hundreds. Also was dubbed as the inaugural ICC Women’s ODI Player of the Year in 2017.
  • Further she become captain after Bates stepped out of cricket and then vice captain because of her excellent leadership skills.

3.      Debbie Hockley :-

One of the furious player who not only have expertise in building runs but also in fetching from others. Yes, she was a great former right armed bowler of medium pace along with right handed batsman. In domestic domain she used to play for North Shore and Canterbury. She roughly played around 19 Test matches and a total of 118 ODIs with an average batting rate of 51.65 and 41.80 respectively. Moreover she hold the position of a skillful catain for 27 matches of which she won 12.

Achievements :-

  • Earned the position of being the first cricket president of New Zealand.
  • Became the Player of the Match in the World Cup final in India (1997)
  • Currently holds the accolade of bringing most runs in ICC Women’s Cricket World Cup since she covered the field by her appearances in 5 World cups.

She got retired in the year 2022 after devoting out 15 years into cricket.

4.      Sophie Devine :-

Born on 1 September of 1989, Sophie Devine was the only woman swho has represented her country internationally in both crickets as a part of White Ferns as well as in hockey as of Black Sticks Women. After this she only concentrated on cricket and devoured her career into it. You might be heavily shocked but she was partly recognized on the field for not wearing a helmet on the crease while batting. This habit was unusual of her and still of no reason.

Achievements :-

  • In 2017 she got selected in ICC Women’s Twenty-20 Internationals Team of the Year.
  • In 2018 she was signed upon a central contract by New Zealand’s cricket.

Moreover Sophie participated in ICC Women’s World Twenty20 championship after being named for the squad.

  • After Amy Satterthwaite she was held with the responsibility of a full time captain of New Zealand national team.

5.      Haidee Tiffen:-

A former cricketer and coach who has given a lot to New Zealand’s cricket journey. She was literally an all rounder woman who grabbed everyone’s attention by her excellence in medium paced bowling as well as in right armed batting. Domestically she was initially in Canterbury then got shifted to Sussex for 2 seasons. Sadly after fetching her team to the finale of Women’s Cricket World Cup, she announced her retirement.

Achievements :-

  • Holder of New Zealand Order of Merit in the 2011 because of her great contributions to cricket.
  • Was the head coach of New Zealand team.

After international matches, tournaments, one day cricket and what not, ODI has been brought up to next level by the finest players across the globe. The women players that have been described above performed brilliantly throughout their careers and left a lasting impression on their accomplishments by winning several medals, records, and accolades. Since they strive to work together and bravely represent their country on the field, these ladies deserve respect. Bringing inspiration to the team they had never stepped back on their path pulling several strings to hold on. This is what sportsmanship and patriotism is all about!

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