TWO WAYS Of Essay Writing

You need to carefully prepare the writing of essays on literature, themes that have controversial decisions. What is it? For example, give a reasoned assessment of a universal moral phenomenon – then write a subjective work. This essay points to a part of the author’s personality. And if the subject has to consider that the scientific problem lies in any economic activity, then it is to be the aim of the dissertation, where the subject of the research or description is the main author submitting it. Typically, in school similar works are written in linguistic or literary themes and Order Essay Online Cheap.


It is worth dwelling on the uniqueness of writing a final thesis in the exam in Russian. You can use a cliché for an essay. According to the sciences, it is better to avoid cookie cutter in action. So, in use in Russian it is necessary to write a short opus from a specific text. And if you remember the structure of the dissertation, there is an additional point: the need to reflect the position of the author (famous writer, scientist or journalist), and to express their views on it.


Support can serve as an expression:

  • to evaluate (what);
  • identify the party (what);
  • express approach;
  • proceed from the fact that;
  • based on one’s own common sense;
  • distinguish between concepts;
  • is considered legal;
  • pay attention to;
  • true conclusive;
  • after determining the nature;
  • focus on the urgency.


The one who warned forearmed. It is worth re-reading a famous essay on literature, an example that must be a model. This type of freedom means unlimited creativity, but flaws in speech will drive the flight of thought to nothing.

  1. Check everything. And not just spelling. Read aloud the need for better understanding. If we stumble – so I hit a bad turn and need to change. There should be no vague phrases.
  2. We prove skillfully. Thought essay should be bright, and no less interesting pictures should support it. Reducing work was a bad and unconvincing argument.
  3. Remove excess. A typical error can be a very long presentation or a detailed retelling of a work, taken as an argument. Verbosity is a weak idea. The dissertation should focus on one idea. And extra information and distraction defraud her.
  4. Briefly. Preparing for a dissertation on literature lies in learning how to write short sentences (this does not mean just simple and monosyllabic thinking). Long syntax has no effect emotionally preventing the introduction of articulation. Conjunction Less and incomplete sentences should be used .
  5. Writing is clear. It is not necessary in an essay to show its scientific erudition. The text is intended for Reader-friend, so there should be no foreign words, which need to be searched in a dictionary or encyclopaedia.



If the result of school essays – evaluation, competitive essay to get a job can change your whole life, so you need to write it as a last resort. 


All thoughts must be honed, arguments are formed on the principles of logic and style of presentation – perfect. And we have to remember that this is not an essay, essays on literature – examples of literary texts it does not matter.

Important level of employer interest:

– Your very unique food;

– ability to express thoughts on paper;

– level of literacy;

– sincerity and honesty;

– the ability to be ironic and joking;

– a positive outlook on life.


Examples of other projects can only be used for review purposes. Plagiarise – thankless project. If anyone can write an essay, then why not learn how to do it? At least to begin with.



“The story of Vasilya Bykova” Sotnikov “is considered to be a product not so much about war, but about the moral choices of man. On what does it depend? Well, the same can not be so: in a critical situation before a decision is made, someone says: “I have to do what I had been taught to parents how to educate teachers, otherwise, everyone will consider me a bad person.” I agree that this is implausible. I will assume that moral choices prepared the whole of previous life. is as natural as a person, who has to make a choice between two apples.

Here it is – a gallows with five loops. Sentenced to death five: Basia girl, old Peter, mother of three children and Demchiha guerrillas: Fisherman and Sotnikov. If they had a choice to stay alive? Yes. After the implementation of the loop, and so will be empty. “

Transfer. The thesis presented. The first argument began. Then you can rely on the facts of life and all completely stop.

Writing an essay is not difficult, if you have something to say and a lot to share.



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