Ultimate Gifts for the Well-Groomed Gentleman 2022

With metro culture capturing the world, men are becoming devoted to grooming, presentation and skincare. The old notion of only women being dedicated to grooming has thankfully become a myth.

But, due to a lack of awareness many men don’t know where to start with their grooming game. If your man is one of them, here is a list of gifts for him.

A basic skincare packages

There are so many brands in the market that specialises in men’s skincare products. Many of them come in packages with all the essentials in them.

Choose a simple skincare kit with a good cleanser, exfoliator, body wash, sunscreen and moisturiser. If you are feeling a little fancy, throw in some masks for special occasions!

men’s perfume gift set

Pleasant smells attract everyone. Why stick to a single perfume when you can gift a full set?

Present him with a cheap perfume gift set that comes with a mist, body spray and deodorant. Pick up the fragrances that he loves the most. Gifting perfume shows how well you know him, thus making your connection more intimate.

Mens Perfume Gift Set

Shaving kit

Nobody wants an elaborate morning routine. Thus, choose a travel-friendly shaving pouch with all the essentials. This could be one of the most useful gifts you can give your man.

A basic kit includes shaving cream, shaving brush, razor with extra blades, a good quality cheap aftershave, and some moisturiser. Make his grooming time easier and quicker!

Beard growth vitamins/ oils

Bread is the hottest trend right now. If your man is on a mission to grow his facial mane, give him a boost with bread growth vitamins or oils.

They help to grow the bread faster and to its fullest potential.

cheap aftershaves

Body wash and shampoo

When it comes to their shampoo, most men like to keep it simple. A high-quality product that will cleanse their body and hair properly is ideal.

There are body wash and shampoo available in the market with amazing smells like black pepper, cinnamon or lemongrass. They are gentle to use every day and quite refreshing. You can accompany this with a nice conditioner for the hair.

Beard oils

A man who is fond of facial hair and trims regularly to keep it shaped can have dry skin. The skin suffers from flakiness and itching due to regular trimming.

Bread oils are conditioners for the hair. Just a couple of dabs each day to keep his beard smooth, soothe his skin and leave him smelling amazing!

Pro tip: Choose oils rich in vitamin E and has soothing agents like aloe vera, almond oils, etc.

cheap aftershaves

A designer cologne

Turn him into an irresistible being with a sensual cologne. A spritz of a refreshing and sensual cologne in the morning will leave him energetic and confident.

There are many luxurious colognes in the market but some of our favourites are Acqua Di Gio by Armani and James Bond Ocean Royale.

A Fitbit fitness tracker

If your man is a health enthusiast, nothing is better than a Fitbit fitness band to keep track of his healthy lifestyle.

There are trackers which track daily physical activities, calories, sleep patterns along with gym routines. When you lead a healthy lifestyle and keep your body in shape, you tend to be more caring towards your grooming.

Apart from these, you can find several skincare products, perfumes for men, cheap aftershaves and other grooming kits at FCP. Just order and save money on fast online delivery.

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