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In the past decade, a new breed of entrepreneur has taken Silicon Valley by storm. These entrepreneurs are not your typical college dropouts or 20-somethings with an idea; they are experienced executives and investors who are using their deep pockets and connections to build companies that are changing the way we live and work. vc black silicon valleypardeswired

This new generation of entrepreneurs is known as “VC Black,” a reference to the color of money in the venture capital world. vc black silicon valleypardeswired

In the early days of Silicon Valley, the term “VC” was used to describe the region’s venture capitalists. Today, the term is more likely to refer to the Valley’s African American community.

The number of black people in Silicon Valley is small – just 3 percent of the region’s population – but they are making a big impact. Some of the most successful companies in the Valley were founded by or are led by black entrepreneurs.

In the heart of Silicon Valley, there is a small community of people who are working to create the next big thing in tech. This community is known as VC Black Silicon Valley.

The members of VC Black Silicon Valley are passionate about their work and are constantly innovating. They are always looking for new ways to improve the products and services that they offer.

VC Black Silicon Valley is a close-knit community, and everyone is working together to help each other succeed.

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