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4 Smart Ways to Make an Awesome Video Content

Video content is very much circulating on the internet. Even article content with videos is very much liked by Google. That’s because video content actually boosts SEO more.

One of us often even almost every day create video content. At least for uploading on Instagram stories or other stories such as WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter.

However, not all video content is interesting. Indeed, video content does not have to be interesting, especially if there is no target. It’s a different story if you make a commercial video, interesting is a must.

What is the determinants of interesting video content?

To create interesting video content, there are at least four determining factors that you must pay attention to. Come on, see the full explanation as follows!

#1. Video Content

One of the most important things is the content of the video itself. What do you want to convey and how do you convey it?

Good video content is capable of conveying a clear and acceptable message. Also according to your niche or target audience. If you’re working on startup, you can make a startup videos and make your looks content better on the internet.

Whether it’s packed with formal concepts, comedy, drama, and other genres, it’s important that the message or intent of the content can be understood. This is what determines whether a video is said to be interesting or not.

#2. Video Type

In general, there are two most popular types of videos. Namely live-action videos and animated videos. And this can also be a determining factor for a video to be said to be interesting or not.

There is no which is better between the two, because the use of both is dependent on needs. The important thing is how do you do it as much as possible so that the results are good.

Those were the four factors that determine the quality of a video content. What kind of videos do you like to watch the most?

#3. Voice Clarity

Silent video also needs sound clarity. The sound here includes voice over, sound effects, to background music.

If you’re making a live-action video, you’ll need a boomer or a special microphone so that the voice of a talent can be heard clearly.

If you make an animated video, make sure you do the editing and scoring the music well!

#4. Visual Quality

The visuals. Is the second factor after the content of the video itself. Usually things like this are ignored by fake video content creators, tend to be perfunctory.

It’s different if you are a content creator or influencer, you will definitely work on the visuals of a video with more intention. Doing editing with good tools or recording with pricey and good tools too.

How To Make An Interesting Video Content?

Video content is always endless to discuss. Especially if you are a content creator. How to create interesting video content actually depends on your goal, what video you want to make.

Is it commercial or non-commercial? To invite a lot of views, or to pay attention to engagement?

Setting goals up front is very important for making videos. Today, we will break down some points about making videos to make them interesting to watch. In this case, we will discuss in general yes.

#1. According to Audience Interest

It’s a hassle every time you make a video, you have to see what’s trending. However, making trending videos can boost views. But of course, it is the interests of the audience that you must prioritize first.

Try to match the interests of the audience. In the digital marketing language, we know the term according to the niche. If you are a doctor and want to make a video, you can talk about medicine. Like the Makotalk channel and others.

#2. Doesn’t Cross the Policy

Of course you already know this, right?

Content containing across YouTube policy or another video hosting site may be liked by some people. However, content of this nature usually does not last long. You better create safe and useful video content.

According to public taste, you don’t have to violate SARA rules. Good content is content that contains goodness too. That doesn’t mean it has to contain good advice, you can just create and upload gaming content, this is also good for the lovers.

#3. HD Video Quality

Video quality determines how good and pleasant a video is to watch. Imagine when you watch a video but it’s blurry, it definitely reduces interest in continuing to watch.

It takes more effort for ordinary video content creators to make HD videos. Yes, a tool or tool that is quite expensive is needed. You can do it with cheap tools or cameras and the like, as long as you know the knowledge.

And, it is quite advantageous for creators of animated video content because to make HD quality, the tools used are the same. Adobe and so on.

If you want to Check out the Video Marketing Checklist by Breadnbeyond and congratulations! Now, you’ve got some interesting video content tips. Ready to produce a video?

PS: You can hire a professional explainer video company like Breadnbeyond to make it easier for you.

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