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What Are The Different Types Of Sweaters For Guys Available Out There?

Are you prepared to enjoy the winters with a nice cup of coffee and chilly winds? It is safe to say that winters call for more layers of clothes to stay warm and comfortable. Otherwise, you may end up catching a cold. While a lot of people prefer to wear jackets and blazers, there are those interested in sweaters. There are many types of sweaters for guys you can choose from while shopping. 

How do you shop? Today’s modernized era allows you to purchase products offline and online. The former is not as advantageous as the latter. It is because shopping online proves cost-effective, efficient, and less time-consuming. Therefore, you can easily find an online website selling sweaters for men, go over their product range, and finalize a purchase according to your tastes. 

However, you cannot be sure of spending your hard-earned money on sweaters without knowing all about them. How many types of sweaters for guys are there? There is nothing to worry about if you don’t have the answer to this question. It is time for us to have a learning session to enable you to know more about sweaters for men. Let’s begin our discussion; 

V-Neck Sweater 

If you want a sweater with versatility and equally impressive style, this is it. A V-neck sweater makes the wearer look fashionable. It is a great addition to your wardrobe, especially if you mostly attend events in business-casual settings. You can wear it over a shirt and tie with formal pants. Perhaps, you can pair it with boots and jeans to come off as a cool guy. V-neck sweaters are available in different fabrics, designs, and colors. For instance, there are ones made from merino, a slim-fitting and lightweight fabric. 

Crew Neck Sweater 

It is not right to have a conversation about the types of sweaters for guys and leave the most popular one out. The crew neck sweater turns out to be an extremely fashionable and chic item of clothing. You have two options while wearing such garments. You can either buy a crew neck sweater that fits your body to have a neater appearance. Otherwise, you can purchase one that is a bit loose around the neck for a more casual and laid-back persona. 

Shawl Collar Cardigan 

People across the globe regard this as the best type of sweater for guys due to the comfort it offers. In addition to this, it looks exceedingly stylish when paired with a t-shirt or a sweatshirt. You don’t have to try that hard to look fresh and masculine when wearing a shawl collar cardigan. This sweater is open at the front with button closure. You can wear it to office meetings as well as informal events. 

Shawl-Collar Pullover 

Here comes a variation of the previous one. It would be right to say that this is more formal than the shawl collar cardigan. This is not as commonly worn as the other one. Regardless, it is a pretty chic piece of clothing to invest in. You can pair this pullover with jeans or khakis and loafers to attain a more serious look before heading out to work. It has a wide turned-over collar that starts to narrow till meeting in the middle. 

Mock Neck 

It has multiple names, such as half-zip and quarter zip. A mock neck sweater is a unique piece of winter clothing. It comes with a collar that rises upward, surrounding the wearer’s neck. There is a zipper at the front for closure and the size of the zipper varies as some are short while others extend halfway down the chest. People usually prefer wearing it to the grocery stores, gym sessions, and other casual activities. A mock neck sweater is pretty comfortable and stylish. 

Rugby Shirt 

Here’s another one of the unique types of sweaters for guys. Rugby shirts turn out to be a great investment as it gives the wearer a cool and casual appearance without looking homeless. You can easily purchase this at online stores selling high-quality t-shirts in Pakistan. Rugby shirts are available in a wide variety of colors, designs, and patterns. You can choose a two-colored one or sweater with a single shade based on your preferences. 


This is one of the oldest types of sweaters for guys that a lot of people don’t find satisfying. It has a full collar rising upward, fully covering the wearer’s neck. Wearing a tight turtleneck makes up for quite a sportier look. Turtlenecks are not a very popular kind of sweater when compared to the rest. People with unique preferences choose to wear them on different occasions. You may have noticed a few celebrities rocking a turtleneck with a formal suit while going to the movie premiers and award shows. 

Final Words 

Whether you want to purchase high-quality t-shirts Pakistan or sweaters for men, choosing to shop from an online store is going to prove valuable. Moreover, there are many types of sweaters for guys available in the market. Who knows, they might introduce a few more variations. What’s important is for you to realize which sweater looks the best on your body to shop highly efficiently.  

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