What is Sleepwear Called in Different Parts of the world?

Sleepwear is the most comfortable clothing, which ensures that you enjoy deep and quality sleep. It’s a wardrobe staple. Today, it has been adopt ed in the more fashionable form as chic women’s loungewear. We call it sleepwear but it has different names in different parts of the world.

Everyone’s bedtime attire is unique. Most people prefer to sleep in a t-shirt and shorts, others prefer to sleep in specially design ed matching bedtime outfits. Normally sleepwear is known as pyjamas and Pjs but it is call ed by different names with fascinating histories.

Let’s dive deep into the topic and learn what it is call ed across the globe!

United Kingdom

In the UK, nightwear is referr ed to as pyjamas or Pjs. The slang version of pyjamas is jim jams. It originated during the early 20th century as an abbreviated version of pie-jim-jams. Brits use the term Pjs at times for shorts and jammies.

United States

In the United States, sleepwear is call ed pajamas but with a different spelling. They were first worn by Muslims in India and were known as ‘pae jamas’. Legs are referr-ed to as ‘pae’ and the covering is call ed the ‘jama’. So, clothing that covers the legs is call ed paejamas.

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Later on, the term was accept-ed in English as well. British colonials in India adopt-ed it as a comfortable clothing option, which subsequently became a trend for sleepwear.

In the 19th century, the US lexicographers are believ ed to have chang-ed the spelling of pyjamas to pajamas. As a result, the term used in America is closer to its origins. Isn’t it cool?

People today are turning their pyjamas into a fashion statement rather than just a piece of sleepwear.

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Are you wondering how do Italians get ready for bed? In Italy sleeping suit is called pigiama. So, in Italy, pyajama party is call-ed pigiama party! Italian Americans sometimes refer to the sleepwear as ‘mudanz’.

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Iceland is one of the most beautiful places in the world with snow covered mountains. Sleepwear in Iceland is referr ed to as ‘Náttföt’, which is pronounc-ed ‘naught-foot’.

Various brands from Iceland have impacted the fashion world with their well-known Scandinavian style. As the snow falls in Iceland, we envisage ourselves sitting by the fire in our matching pyjamas, having some fun time!

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The word for bedtime clothing in Russia is only a little different from the word pyjama. The word ‘pizhama’ refers to sleepwear in Russia. Indians introduced the tradition of wearing nightclothes to Europe in the early nineteenth century.

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The notion of sleeping in comfortable clothes was adopt ed by the Russians, who renamed the garment ‘pizhama’. It was a stride toward modernisation for them in that era. Who knew pyjamas could be so important? Today, pyjamas of luxury brands are available online.

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Pyjamas are referr-ed to as ‘El pijama ‘ in several Spanish-speaking nations, such as Mexico and Spain. El pijama is almost similar to our term pyjama. And, another term that is us ed to refer to sleepwear is ‘ropa de dormir’. In Mexico, the term ‘mameluco’ refers to one-piece pyjamas. It’s available for infants, children and adults. These are similar to the Kigurumi that are popular in Asian nations.

Hope it has been an interesting article. Do let us know, what you like to call your sleepwear in the comments section below.

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