Your Ultimate MOT Guide

An MOT test is mandatory by law for all car owners to take annually when their vehicle becomes older than three years. The test is conducted to ensure the roadworthiness of a car and to see if it adheres to all the safety standards.

There is a wide range of safety checks performed by an MOT Reading examiner at a center that is DVSA-approved.

The examiner should be accredited by the DVSA to conduct the test on your vehicle. This is because they should know how to perform a comprehensive check with efficiency and as per regulations.

If your car passes, then the examiner will give you a pass MOT certification. Also, sometimes even if the vehicle passes, the examiner will list some minor issues with your car that can get damaged so that you should keep an eye on them.

If your vehicle fails, then the examiner will provide you with a fail certificate along with a list of major or dangerous issues detected in your car.

Furthermore, if the damages listed are easy to fix, then you can get it repaired at the garage at the same time and go for a free re-test.

How frequently do you require an MOT test?

Any car that becomes older than three years needs to have a valid MOT test certificate to drive or even park on roads, and the certificate has to be renewed annually.

Therefore, you don’t have to get an MOT if the new car is below three years of age. After the third anniversary, you will have to get it renewed within 12 months.

Moreover, it is vital to note that some automobiles such as ambulances or taxis need to have an MOT test after one year.

How long will the MOT certification be valid?

An MOT certification is generally valid for a 12-month interval. It has to be before the expiration of your last certificate rather than 12 months from the exact day of the test conducted. This period is essential to remember so that the car owners are not driving the automobile when their MOT has already expired. Also, you can find the expiry date on last year’s MOT test certificate.

How early can a car owner go for an MOT?

There are specific rules on how early a car owner can take their automobile for the annual test. Generally, the test can be conducted up to 28 days before the expiration date as indicated on your last MOT certificate.

This suggests that a car owner can take their automobile for the test 28 days before the expiry, and the MOT certificate will then be valid for the next 13 months.

Do I require an MOT test?

An MOT is a lawful requirement to guarantee that an automobile is safe for driving on public roads.  It will not produce any harmful emissions when driving.

What will happen if a vehicle is driven with an expired MOT?

Without a valid MOT certificate, car owners will be unable to operate their automobile lawfully or renew their road tax. The punishment for not carrying a valid MOT certificate can be fines of up to £1,000.

Moreover, if the automobile is deemed as dangerous during the last MOT. The car owner is caught driving, then the fine can reach £2,500, plus 3 points on the driving license.

For a car to be deemed as dangerous in the MOT test. It will either pose a major risk to your on-road safety. It is creating a negative impact on the environment due to harmful emissions.

Is car insurance valid without a passed MOT?

If a car owner gets requested to present the MOT certificate. After an accident and the test is not up to date. The car insurance claim will be affected, particularly if there is a case of injury.

Moreover, the recent MOT testing system computerization allows. The police plus mobile camera units to check remotely. If an automobile has a current MOT or not. They can use the registration plates to check in the central database. They might stop you when driving if the MOT becomes invalid.

Exceptions of driving without an MOT

  • If the vehicle is under three years of age
  •  The car owner is driving the car down to a facility to get the repairs conducted.
  • When a car owner is driving to an MOT test center and already has their appointment scheduled.

If you still have any doubts or require additional information about MOT Reading, then talk to an authorized test center.

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