4 Things To Consider Before Setting Up Customer Service

Hi, welcome to ABC! Would you like some help?

This is perhaps the most annoying yet much-needed message that greets you when you are in an hour of need. Everyone loves to hate customer service, but there is no doubt that they are the ones with the quickest fixes when you need them. Since businesses rely heavily on customer service, it is not possible to function without one. For all those who think maintaining in-house customer service is expensive, Customer Contact Week in Australia is a must-attend.

Before you set forth to explore the ultimate destination for everything contact centre-related, there are a few things you need to consider before setting up customer service for your business.

Choosing from the Variety

Customer service comes in all shapes and sizes. It can be in-house, outsourced, multichannel, omnichannel, shared, dedicated, or a particular combination of these. Before you decide to add the component of customer service to your business, you need to factor in how this will affect your business goals and model.

Do you have the technology and personnel for an in-house team? Does your business need an offshore team to handle the flood of calls? Do you have the right technology to support multiple calls? These are a few points you need to ponder upon before choosing the right kind of customer service for you.

Where is it Going to Be?

Deciding between in-house and outsourced customer service is a major decision to make. While an in-house team has perks like opportunities for better training and monitoring the quality of service, outsourcing is immensely cost-effective. Even if you pursue the outsourcing lane, is it going to be with an offshore service provider or one in Sydney or Adelaide? Carefully considering every aspect of this factor can result in great profit and brand image later.

Goals to Achieve

Once you have decided who is going to be handling all the customer calls and messages, you need to set goals for the team to achieve. Setting highly specific goals is necessary in this case because the team will only produce results if they have a clear goal to work towards. Whatever goal you set for the team, it must be actionable, measurable, time-specific, and realistic as well. If you are feeling overwhelmed about tapping into the potential of a customer service team, Customer Contact Week Australia is the best place to seek advice from.

Measuring Success

No matter what you have decided in the factors mentioned before, you still need to review the team’s performance and see how successful their attempts have been. For this, you need a suitable system to monitor customer interactions, the time taken to resolve an issue, and other such parameters. There are many qualitative factors that you will have to measure in your customer service team, and finding the right technology for this purpose will make training and rewarding the personnel easier.


Whether you have a customer service team set up in your Brisbane office or with a service provider from the Philippines, the ultimate aim is to build your brand and satisfy your customers. Based on the goals you have and the training you provide for the personnel, finding out the weak points in your system and correcting them takes no time. The world-class experts at Customer Contact Week in Australia are skilled in giving you the guidance required to build your brand according to your terms. 

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