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Best Home Cleaning Service Provider In Denmark

Cleaning Service Provider In Denmark

One of the main reasons why a move-in and out that doesn’t occur as planned is poor cleaning and polishing of windows. Appliances, ovens as well as drawers, cabinets, and ovens need to be cleaned, all lime must be eliminated and windows should be polished both inside and outside. This means it is more extensive to clean yourself than many people think. If you choose to hire a professional for cleaning and window polishing, you can be assured of an even more thorough Home Cleaning, in which no spot is not noticed.

With more than a decade of professional experience as Rengøringsfirma cleaning service provider, We guarantee you against any lapses in handover. We ensure you have a sparkling clean house inside and out. If you give us an impeccable home and receive it in the same condition as you left it and do not engage in discussions with the tenant.

Find The Best Home Cleaning Service Provider


This is the story of a home cleaning company that was created by two roommates in their college dorm room. They designed a business model that would help them manage their expenses, and pay for supplies. They realized this plan would require some help with products and suppliers, so they decided to find an expert.

Our service for cleaning comes with an approval guarantee based on our previous experience.  If you notice something missing, We fix it quickly without cost to the tenant or landlord.

Jacobsens-rengøring.dk provides private cleaning services through JACOBSENS REGORING. The prices we offer are transparent, and we can tailor the cleaning service to meet your needs and requirements. Take your time and focus to do what you love the most, and leave the chores to us. Rengoring is among the biggest companies in the United States for private cleaning services. We are proud to provide the highest quality and best service.

Hire Quality Home Cleaning Company


We offer move-cleaning services throughout Copenhagen for private firms or housing associations as well as individuals. Ourselves on delivering an appropriate Rengøringshjælp cleaning. So if you schedule your appointment to do moving cleaning, you can be certain that you will be clean completely and in good order when you book cleaning services after you have complete your relocation with us.

Jacobsens-rengøring.dk is Denmark’s top online platform for home services, connecting people who require home-cleaning services with high-quality pre-screen freelance cleaners or as we refer to them, Helpers. an online platform that provides online home services that are available on-demand in Denmark, which connects those seeking home cleaning services with high-quality cleansers who are pre-screened by independent contractors who we refer to as happy helpers. The company Jacobsens-rengøring.dk is currently operational across the majority of Denmark.

The Ultimate Guide to Finding A Top-Notch Home Cleaner

Is Happy Helper a cleaning company? Jacobsens-rengøring.dk isn’t a cleaning business. In its essence, it is a technology-based company. We’ve created an online marketplace similar to Airbnb which connects customers with cleaning services. We do know that a majority of cleaning services are referral-base.

Our housekeeper will ensure you return home from work to a clean and tidy home. The services we provide are perform by professional and reliable cleaning staff from Copenhagen and surrounding areas with a cost-effective price. We provide a wide range of cleaning services and do all we can to provide our clients with the absolute highest quality of service, often far beyond normal cleaning requirements. A happy customer is, after all, our best marketing strategy…

Alongside a well-done job In addition, you can expect to see a friendly attitude from our employees, constant communication, accuracy, and most importantly honesty, with a keen eye on the finer details – because they make up the whole picture.

Choosing the Right Housecleaning Company

If we are engage in regular Rengøring cleaning of new premises, We always start with the start-up process. It’s a preparation stage where we clean the area to our specifications. And then we continue to do our best to keep them. It is similar to deep cleaning however it isn’t as detailed. Windows are clean only on the request of the homeowner. We clean only the exterior of cabinets We wash them up to 180 cm high. And we clean the fridge and oven on the request of the customer, and not by default). The process usually takes around one or two times (or more.

Professional Move-in and out clean-up service within Copenhagen Denmark. Cleaning of your home and Apartments, Cleaning of Office. And more for clients across Copenhagen Denmark who require professional cleanup after a move for business or private. In the past, our company has evolved into a reliable company for moving day cleaning. If you’d like to receive a quote for moving cleaning, contact us at (+45) 4880 9952, or fill in the contact us form.

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