VSI Jaipur Preparation Tips for each CA Intermediate Subjects

The CA Intermediate exams are coming for the 2022 sessions. Before starting your preparation, you must know about all the CA Intermediate subjects and how to prepare for each of them. So, there are eight subjects in the CA Intermediate course, which are divided into two groups with four subjects in each. To pass the examination, you must score a minimum of 40% in each subject and 50% aggregate in all the CA Inter subjects. As the CA Intermediate syllabus is vast, the student must focus on the preparation.

Now, to excel in these examinations, you can follow the preparation tips by VSI Jaipur for each CA Intermediate subject. To make your preparation more effective, you can also join VSI, which is the best CA Intermediate institute in India. VSI guides its students in the best way to achieve good marks and ranks in the exams. The institute also has secured 7 times AIR 1 in the last 10 years.

VSI Jaipur got 7 times AIR 1 in the last 10 years

VSI Preparation Tips for CA Intermediate Subjects

The major challenge in CA Intermediate exam is to cover the entire syllabus of both the groups before exams. So, let us put some light on the CA Intermediate subjects and the preparation strategy developed by the VSI for each subject.

The CA Intermediate Group 1 subjects are as follows.

  1. Accounting
  2. Corporate Law and Other Laws
  3. Cost and Management Accounting
  4. Taxation


VSI considers accounts a scoring subject from where the students can cover the aggregate percentage. The major things suggested by VSI for the preparation of these subjects are:

  1. Get updated with the revised schedules.
  2. Make the Balance sheet as per the revised method.
  3. Focus on the topics that have good weightage, such as companies’ accounting, Debentures, the redemption of preference shares, etc.

Corporate Law & Other Law

Paper 2 is one of the CA Intermediate theory subjects that majorly covers the two-portion, namely, companies law and other laws. 60 marker is designated for company law and 40 for the remaining parts of the law. Let us explore some of the preparation tips for the CA Inter Law subject by VSI,

  1. Being a lengthy course, it requires proper revision.
  2. Do not mistake to just cover the company law and leave the other portion.
  3. The first question of the paper is a compulsory one, so it can come from any of the two-section, so students are strictly suggested to cover both portions.
  4. Also, do not plan to skip the question of one part since it will leave a bad impression on the examiner.

Cost and Management Accounting

Among all the CA Inter subjects, this one is considered to be the favourite of all the students because of less theory and more practical. So, let us know more about what are the tips to follow as per the VSI mentors,

  1. Make all your concepts crystal clear since the subject is practical.
  2. The significant portions to cover include Methods of Costing, Ascertainment of Cost and Coat Accounting System, and Cost Control and Analysis.
  3. Go through the basic concepts and understand the formulas over learning them.
  4. Read all the methods of Accounting but majorly focus on Process and Contract Costing.


Taxation is further divided into two parts – Income Tax and Indirect Tax, where the weightage of Income tax is more. This paper is the perfect combination of theory and practicals. The basic things that you must consider while preparing are as follows:

  1. Learn from the perspective of articleship and not just to crack the exam.
  2. Focus on the major topics such as Salary Heads, Salary and House Property, and Section Number.
  3. Make your provisions clear and prepare the computation of Total Income.
  4. GST is one of the crucial topics, and amendments made up to 31st October will be applicable to exams. Also, consider referring to the ICAI material for GST.

After the first group, the second group’s preparation becomes significant. Although students can attempt both groups at once, many still prefer to give them separately. So, the CA Intermediate Group 2 subjects are: 

  1. Advance Accounting
  2. Auditing and Assurance
  3. Enterprise Information System and Strategic Management
  4. Financial Management and Economics for Finance

Each of these subjects carries 100 marks altogether. So, let us see some of the worthy preparation tips for second group subjects,

Advanced Accounting

In the CA Inter group 2 subjects, the first one is Advanced Accounting. The major things to consider in this subject as per VSI includes,

  1. Start with the accounting standards as it is the scoring topic and easy as well.
  2. You will get at least one question from the Amalgamation or Internal Reconstruction in both groups. If one has come in group one, the other topic will be covered in the group 2 exam.
  3. Learn the Buy Back properly since the probability of this topic is very high in exams.
  4. The students are also advised to cover the partnership accounting at last since it is lengthy and time-consuming. So, cover it at last but don’t skip.

Auditing and Assurance

Among the CA Intermediate syllabus, this subject is considered slightly difficult by many students. 

  1. Though it is not an easy and scoring subject, students must learn this section properly.
  2. Since this subject covers CA’s basic work and requires training, a CA aspirant must learn it properly.
  3. Try to write your answer in points and para since the presentation covers good marks here.
  4. Underline the major keywords to highlight them.
  5. Practice as many questions as you can from the VSI manuals.

Enterprise Information System and Strategic Management

This CA Intermediate subject is equally divided into two parts, Information Technology (IT) and Strategic Management (SM), and significant tips to remember for this subject are,

  1. Although SM is scoring, IT is hard to learn and retain, so it needs constant revisions.
  2. Also, focus more on understanding than on mugging up.
  3. If you are not getting any topic, then move to the next and mark that one to ask the mentors in VSI.
  4. Make the quick summary of the chapters to revise quickly at last.

Financial Management and Economics for Finance

This is the new subject although the topic was there previously in the exam. So, need to consider the following tips for this subject:

  1. Focus on the fundamental theories and the formulas at the beginning,
  2. Start from the cash flow and fund flow, which is the most important topic.
  3. Then go for some shorter chapters and build up confidence.

So these are the preparation tips for CA Intermediate subjects group-wise by VSI Jaipur. Students should start their preparation with complete dedication as it is not an easy exam to crack. 

How VSI helps students in clearing CA Intermediate in First Attempt

The study plan strategy in VSI helps the students crack the Intermediate exam in their first attempt. However, you can also get the chance to join VSI Jaipur for CA intermediate classes. Check what are the benefits of joining VSI classes for CA Inter.

Ever highest marks secured by VSI students

1. Exam-oriented Classes

VSI Jaipur does not provide blind classes to the students just to cover the syllabus. Instead, VSI conducts exam-oriented classes where all the CA Intermediate subjects are covered as per what is essential and covers high weightage in exams. This helps the students to study important and scoring topics at the beginning. VSI also offers CA Intermediate online classes and Pendrive classes as per the convenience of the students.

2. Well-crafted Mock Test Papers

VSI mock test papers are made by experienced faculty and based on the previous year’s trend of Intermediate papers. The mock test of VSI helps the students to achieve the confidence to complete the paper on time along with attempting all the questions. The mock test papers cover the complete CA Intermediate syllabus along with proper question placement.

3. Personalized Guidance by RC Sharma Sir

Since the capability and knowledge acquired by each student are different, this is the reason why each student needs different types of guidance. For the same purpose, separate groups are created based on the mock test results. And from there onwards, personalized guidance to each student is given as directed by RC Sharma Sir.

Therefore, VSI is the best CA Institute in entire India that ensures the result of the student in the first attempt of their CA Intermediate exam. Now, you can either follow the preparation tips for each CA Intermediate subject or join VSI and get coaching from the mentors. VSI also has the record of ever-highest marks in CA Intermediate and IPCC. So, if you also want the same level of results, join the VSI Institute today.

In case you have any further queries regarding admission, online classes, or any other things, then you can drop it at +91 9901798000 or visit the website or their office. 

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