Contract Management System CMS

Ascent’s Contract Management System CMS is a powerful, highly agile, and feature-rich application for managing and maintaining detailed credit contracts throughout their lifecycle, from pre-activation to activation, asset financial management, billing and collections, finance and accounting, restructuring, and maturity.

Features of the Most Comprehensive End-To-End Contract Management Solution

Designer of Effective Business Processes

Contract Management as a Whole

Compliance with a Wide Range of International Standards


Directly relate to business requirements

Simplifying Complex Business Operations

Improved Portfolio Security and Accuracy

Ascent’s CMS streamlines even the most complicated corporate processes in global markets by providing accounting, tax, and other standard regulatory and compliance needs covering a wide variety of worldwide standards. Directly configure it to map individual company demands and manage crucial contract lifecycle stages.

Key Components

Contract Management and Activation

Manage the contract development process from start to finish, and collect loan payments from consumers against their receivables. keeping a record of business rules to track documents needed; displaying repayment plans, amortization schedules, and disbursements; and keeping track of all contract calculations and finance-related information throughout the lifecycle..

Tracking of documents

Keep track of your payments arrangements and deadlines.

Management of Customers

Change contracts in real-time without having to rebook.  To quickly reply to customer queries and requests, use a simple UI to search record data and answer customer questions and requests. Improve customer service by using our mobile app and website.

Contract amendment in real-time

360-degree client perspective

Electronically respond quickly to client questions.

With mobile and online portal access, you can provide better service to your customers.


To identify delinquencies, automate collection actions, and enable repossession, remarketing, early termination, and litigation, manage all payment receipts against multiple means of payment.

Management of all receipts

Routing to the appropriate teams is automated.

Audit trail in its entirety

Remarketing of Assets

Manage the asset remarketing process from asset appraisal to inspection to advertising to gathering bid details and bid approval to an asset sale.

Asset remarketing from start to finish

Asset valuation, inspection, and advertisement provisions

Support for gathering bid information, receiving permissions, and completing the sale

Register of Assets and Inventory

Maintain the asset’s state, information, and financial data in the register, ready to be linked to a contract, sold or disposed of.

Asset Renewal

From inception to conclusion, asset remarketing

Provisions for asset appraisal, inspection, and advertising

Assistance with obtaining bid information, obtaining permits, and closing the sale

Asset and Inventory Register

Renewal of assets

Comprehensive asset re-leasing functionality

All three options for repossession, termination, and maturity are completely covered.

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