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Craft Soda Vs Regular Soft Drinks: Which One’s Better?

Regular, sweetened soft drinks are slowly and steadily going out of the trend as batches of fancy new soda drinks take their place. Individuals who love to pair their meals with a beverage are leaning towards healthy substitutes instead of soda drinks. This is precisely why craft soda is becoming an uproar. Do you want to know why? Here is what makes craft soda much better than other soft drinks!

1.  Ingredients

The industry of soda drinks is seeing a monumental shift. People are in search of beverages that have strong character to them, which essentially means better ingredients! Consumers are now more aware of the unhealthy side of traditional drinks made of ingredients like caffeine. These drinks also include phosphoric acid, which harms the teeth and causes decay. Even when it comes to diet soft beverages, they are combined with chemicals to give a sharp taste without sugar.

A dozen harmful ingredients are discarded with craft soda because manufacturers have realised that making a good-tasting beverage is not that hard! Soda producers freely experiment with natural additives to provide excellent, high-quality taste. No more artificial ingredients like chemicals and syrups are needed!

2.  Production process

With soda, there comes a sense of nostalgia attached to it. It takes you back to an era when artificial flavouring was not an active thing. Soda was being produced in small batches instead of the mass production of soft drinks.

Craft tonic is more personable than the regular pop manufactured by corporate giants and employed on every store shelf. Even small restaurants are keen on curating their craft seltzers and drinks for a unique experience. It follows the craft beer suit, allowing individuals and small businesses to create their recipes. This allows the producers to tap into the unknown and unlimited combination of flavours, thus ensuring that every soda batch tastes different.

3.  Taste

Unlike the age-old traditional soft beverages with their same old tastes, craft pop is coming through with an endless number of enthralling new flavours. The best part is that it does not even use much sugar to sweeten the drink. Instead, it uses natural ingredients like squeezed fruits, sugarcane, authentic spices, etc., and eradicates the presence of artificial flavouring.

Both soda producers and drinkers have come to a common realisation that the drink does not need to be loaded with unhealthy ingredients to taste good. For example, you can make basil soda with crushed basil, squeezed lemons, sugarcane juice and sparkling water. It tastes like a dream! And, albeit craft drinks have fewer ingredients, it does not cause the lack of taste of the soda.

Last words

Craft pop has a newfound vigour and love in the market from people all around. There’s no surprise that the global market size of the craft beverages industry is predicted to be valued at USD 648.24 million in 2027!

The potential of this new drink is immense and waiting to be explored. Undoubtedly, the craze for this drink will be around for a while. After all, more and more consumers are seeking refreshments made with harmless natural ingredients and the utmost care compared to chemical-filled soft drinks. Thanks to the high quality of craft drinks and their local and independent manufacturing, the love for craft drinks is only on the rise, all for the right reasons!

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