How to Get Verified on TikTok? – Complete Guide

You may have noticed a blue checkmark on some TikTok accounts, which means that it is an authentic account.

Why Do You Need to Verify Your TikTok Account?

Most celebrities, sportsmen, companies, and organizations have this blue checkmark, which shows the users that it is an entirely authentic account of that personality, company, or organization. The main reason is to maintain trust between the account owner/owners and their followers. It also removes the possibility of fake accounts, claiming to be the real deal.

Types of TikTok Verified Accounts?

There are two types of verified accounts. The first is a popular account, and the second is a verified account.

Popular Account:

Popular Accounts are accounts with a large number of followers and post likes. If one of your videos goes viral and your followers increase quickly (500-2000 followers per day), your account will be given a popular account blue check.

Verified Account:

Celebrities and famous people get this badge. TikTok itself approaches these accounts to get them verified.

How to Get Verified?

Follow the steps provided below to verify your TikTok account. However, It is not guaranteed that your account will get verified.

Choose a Niche:

The first step to getting your account verified is to choose a niche. For Example, Khaby Lame’s most videos represent useless life hacks with some humor. Likewise, you should make videos in a specific category or niche. I am not saying that you need to copy the content of other TikTokers, but I am saying that you need to create your own unique niche that people will like to watch, as TikTok is a platform of entertainment. You have to choose something that people will like to rewatch and is worthy of a heart.

Appear on Media:

If you appear in a TV show, or a movie (Not as the audience but as a guest). TikTok will most likely verify your account.

Verify Other Social Media Accounts:

You can get verified on other social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. This is one of the easiest ways, but there is a chance that other social media platforms will not verify your account. After getting verified, you can connect these accounts to TikTok, and your account will get verified.

Following the Rules:

This is the most crucial step. You’ll have to follow every rule laid down by TikTok, such as their Terms of Service and Community Guidelines. If your account violates any rule, the chances of verification will drop.

Viral Videos:

As told above, if one of your videos gets viral and your followers increase quickly. TikTok will verify your account. The best way to get your videos viral is to create entertaining videos, as the TikTok logo also represents entertainment.

Your videos should be appealing, and one tip is to keep them short. Some of the famous users of TikTok tell different types of stories, some of them are humorous, and some are relatable. Kindness is another tool to gain more followers, which will increase your chances of getting in the “For You” Section. You can reply to or like comments on your videos.

Still, there is a slight chance that your video will get viral as there is no formula for getting viral.



If someone online tells you that your account could get verified within a day or in some minutes, then the person is most likely a scammer. Therefore, do not give any advance payment to such people.


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