How to Save Money on Tyre Fitting?

At least once a month, if not more frequently, someone contacts me to ask for help with tyre-fitting problems. The good news is that several simple solutions should eliminate this problem and cheap tyres.

The first problem arises when people want to save money by having tyres fitted at their local petrol station or tyre depot. Sometimes the only cost-saving here has been in labour because these companies are selling cheaper tyres anyway. I have known them to use cheap tyres that wore out in 1000 km even though they were mainly marketing “lookalikes” of major brands! They usually sell at below wholesale price, being able to buy bulk quantities direct from Asian factories, and it’s difficult for the small independents to compete on price unless they have highly discounted deals from manufacturers.

Discounted Deals from Manufacturers

If you have to buy cheap, get a reconditioned Deestone Tyres Newport and not a new one! A poor job of fitting can mean a blowout on the road at high speed, which can cause an accident or death because these tyres are dangerous.

The other problem is that sometimes the sidewalls are made from recycled rubber products, mainly off-cuts from making footwear. This rubber does not have any appreciable elasticity; in fact, it’s almost dead in that respect. This damage often goes unnoticed, but in time the tyre will lose its battle to maintain correct air pressure, which means you will be losing grip on wet or dry roads when cornering, etc., all of which are potentially dangerous for you and other road users!

How to tell if a tyre has been fitted incorrectly?

Hence, they rush the job using all kinds of shortcuts like standing on the treads while tightening the nuts (one foot on either side) or putting two nuts together on the studs and just using one hand to tighten them. If you buy cheap tyres, get a reconditioned tyre because they do not have any tread so there is nothing to be damaged during fitting and these tyres are made from better quality rubber than recycled products so they will last longer.

Wherever possible, try and use a reputable tyre shop/garage because the fitting counts when it comes down to it! How often has a driver asked you if their Cheap Tyres Newport were fitted correctly? Many people assume that all tyre shops know precisely what they are doing when this is far from true. In my experience, I had seen some well-known retailers demonstrate terrible workmanship when it came to mounting tyres.

How do I know if my tyres were incorrectly mount?

In other words, it should look like this photo which shows no balance weights anywhere on the tread. If there are weights stuck onto the inside of rims, this is a good indication and the rubber during mounting because there would at least be some damage to outside rim surfaces where they rubbed against while going around corners, etc.

On the other hand, weights stuck to treads were thrown in when the tyre was filled with air, probably while it was mounted on the rim.

There are two things that everyone should know about tyres. Firstly, they can easily damage in transit after you buy them, and secondly. Tyres inflate in the atmosphere because it causes the rubber to fade, making them crack quickly. Rubber loses elasticity rapidly during manufacture so it’s necessary for steel-belt radial tyres to be filled with pure Nitrogen today because atmospheric air contains moisture and oil vapor which cause oxidation of rubber.

Nitrogen Inflation

Nitrogen inflation is an available option from most tyre fitters. Today but you should be cautious of any tyre shop that tells you they do not have a nitrogen machine. Most Chinese-made machines only fill the tyre with Nitrogen to around 3 or 4 psi. This is simply not enough and all tyres supply to a minimum of 26psi. Even steel-belted radial tyres need to inflate higher than atmospheric air pressure. It prevents damage caused by flexing during cornering etc..

10% of cars worldwide will suffer flat spots if their tyres are incorrect. Now that sounds like just about everyone doesn’t it? Do yourself a favour and if you have tyres filled with Nitrogen. The next time your car is near a vast pothole, hit it hard! If your cheap tyres inflate without going down again after driving for 20 minutes.

If you cannot find a reputable tyre retailer to fill your tyres with nitrogen. Then try to find one that uses airlocks because most of these devices do not put enough pressure on them to cause damage. A few months ago I saw a Mercedes ML500 fitted with steel-belted radial buy tyres burton on Trent driven around on airlocks.

Nitrogen inflation is the only safe way to go today because you can check tyre pressures. With your electronic tyre pressure gages at any time of day or night. On the other hand, don’t ever forget that while airlocks. May save tyres from damage while driving under heavy braking. They still put enough pressure in them while stationary to cause damage too! So I’m not saying that you should get rid of your airlocks ultimately. But just be aware that if fitted incorrectly these devices will cause cheap tyres damage just like atmospheric fillings do.

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