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Lifestyle: 3 Habits That Will Cost You Your Lungs

It is one thing to deviate from the common and health-wise proven pathway and it is a whole other phenomenon where you continuously indulge yourself in such patterns that will cost you your life.

Most of the time people tend to ignore the signs until something seriously bad happens. But according to the best lungs specialist in Karachi, there is a very fine line between lifestyle and its severe impact on the overall health of your lungs.

If there is one organ other than your heart that is overworked and is seriously impacted by our poor lifestyle choices it is our lungs.

Lungs function by clearing the air that we breathe and by getting rid of all the carbon dioxide out of the body. They make sure that the body does not run out of the required level of oxygen and thus is able to function graciously.

But there are certain lifestyle choices that we deliberately make that put these organs at severe risk.

Today we will be counting down the habits that make it difficult for your lungs to keep up with what they are doing for your body.

Poor Lifestyle Choices That Affect Your Lungs

Given below are some of the things that have become a constant in your life and are thus gravely affecting your lungs and overall health as well.

  • Smoking

Well, you knew this one was going to be here right!

Smoking because of all the nicotine and other cancerous substances have a negative and nearly irreversible effect on the lungs and their capacity.

It also have an impact on the amount of oxygen that your lungs can withhold.

Whenever you light up a cigarette you are causing the delicate structure of your lungs to deteriorate and thus it lowers the overall efficiency of your lungs. Cigarette smoke changes your lungs in the most fundamental way ever. It also give rise to inflammation in the lungs and thus make your lungs to produce a higher amount of mucus which affects and ultimately interferes with the lung oxygen holding capacity and oxygen exchange.

Quit smoking today and enjoy the perks of healthy and stable lungs. 

  • Poor Dietary Choices

“You are what you eat.”

This one is right in every possible context and scenario. The dietary choices that we make are responsible regarding how our body will behave. Thus making sure that you are eating nothing but right is advertise and advocate.

If you are following a healthy and full of nutrition meal plan then you are making sure that your body is in sync and is storing the right amount of energy that will be needed by it to carry out everyday important activities.

High consumption of foods that are rich in fats and sugar will only cause inflammation in your body as well as in your lungs and thus can be quite disastrous for your body. 

Remember to eat fibers and lots of nutrition foods so that stability of body is restore. 

  • Poor Body Posture

Maintaining a good body posture is not essential for your spine length and health but is also important for your lung’s health. Slouching and slumping are no good for your body as they causes issues with the normal flexibility of your lungs.

The way you sit and stand greatly affects the way your lungs are going to behave and thus make sure to walk in strides and sit in proper posture so that the lungs are not negatively effected.

Not a right posture can also give rise to several other health complication such as shallow breathing. This mainly affects the circulation of oxygen in your body and can make a person feeling lightheaded or dizzy.

Shallow breathing also causes severe impact on the lungs making them weak and thus they are unable to store large amount of oxygen in them.

That is why you should work on your body posture so that you do not have to deal with the after effects of such complications,

The Bottom Line

Lungs are important and play a pivotal role in the overall maintenance of your body’s metabolism and thus it is our due duty to keep sure that we refrain from the above mentioned habits and try to live a life that ensure stability of our body’s organs. 

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