Marketing Tools in 2022

Marketing is one of the most essential steps for every business irrespective of its size and type. Because presale is the first interaction between the business and the prospective customer. Hence, businesses need to create a positive and compelling first image to enhance the brand value. Additionally, The best CRM software in India will automate and track all the marketing efforts for your organization. As a result, We have made a list of the best marketing automation tools in 2022 for you to explore and choose. Furthermore, Technology Counter will allow you to compare, consult and choose the right marketing automation tool for your business in 2022. Moreover, businesses need to select the right marketing automation tools to enrich the customer experience and increase the conversion rate.  

What are the top five marketing tools in India?

opt-in monster marketing tool:  

An opt-in Monster is a perfect tool for businesses that helps them to monetize the website traffic. Therefore, This marketing automation tool will help businesses to make the most out of website visitors. Furthermore, It will help to collect the email address of all the visitors to capture leads in real-time and increase the conversion rate. As a result, Opt-in monster is one of the best conversion optimization tools to make the most of their business.  because these tools will help to gather the leads in real-time to work on them to make more sales. 


  • Monster Links 2-Step Options   
  • Geo-Location Targeting   
  • Exit-Intent Technology  
  • Drag ‘n’ Drop Builder  
  • Mobile-Friendly Popups   
  • Custom Success Message  
  • Canvas  


Constant contact marketing tool:  

Constant Contact is one of the best email marketing tools that your business needs to build, grow and succeed. Additionally, It is an all-inclusive tool for small businesses that help to create and send interesting emails, social ads to sell online. As a result, This marketing tool is one of the most preferred CRM tools in India by SMEs to simplify presales efforts. Because Irrespective of your industry constant contact will deliver you the best marketing automation tools.   


  • Design Templates  
  • Landing Pages  
  • Sign Up Forms  
  • Integrations  
  • List Building  
  • List Management  
  • Segmentation  
  • Reporting  
  • Marketing Automation  
  • Surveys  


Send in Blue:  

Send in Blue is one of the top marketing software that helps businesses to grow. Because These marketing automation tools will help businesses to get more sales by collecting data on the right prospects. Additionally, This email marketing CRM solution will help you to choose the right tools for your business that allows your team to work smartly. Furthermore, This is an all-inclusive tool for businesses to enhance the customer experience with marketing automation tools. Moreover, Send in Blue has all the advanced tools to boost your sales and marketing efforts.   Thus, Send in Blue will assist teams to automate most of their marketing operations. 


  • Email Marketing  
  • SMS Marketing  
  • Chat  
  • Personalize.  
  • CRM  
  • Marketing Automation  
  • Transaction Email  
  • Segmentation  
  • Convert.  
  • Landing Pages  
  • Signup Forms  
  • Facebook Ads  
  • Open & Click-through Reports  
  • Email Heat Map  
  • A/B Testing  
  • Real-time Statistics  
  • Send Time Optimization  
  • Integrate.  
  • API  
  • Plugins  


Drip the best marketing tool:  

Drip is one of the top automation tools for eCommerce businesses to automate email and SMS campaigns. Because This marketing tool will help businesses to run omnichannel campaigns to make more sales. As a result, The best marketing tools will help to gather quality data and qualify more leads by nurturing them efficiently.   Therefore, businesses need to implement marketing tools to gather more leads and convert them to customers.  Moreover, drip will enrich the organization’s marketing process and increase the business ROI. 


  • Tags  
  • Custom Fields  
  • Customer Behavior  
  • Integrations  
  • Deep segmentation  
  • Behavior-based automation  
  • Personalized content  
  • Email  
  • SMS  
  • Facebook and Instagram  
  • Third-party integrations for direct mail and more  
  • Automatic revenue attribution  
  • Insights Dashboards  
  • Workflow split testing  



HubSpot is one of the best CRM software in India with perfect tools for sales, presales, and after-sales support. Because this CRM system will help businesses to delight the customer experience for every organization type and size. Additionally, These CRM tools will help businesses to make the most of their customer journey. Furthermore, HubSpot is an all-inclusive marketing tool that helps businesses to gather the entire marketing operations.   Thus, businesses need to implement these tools to enhance their marketing processes enrich customer support. 


  • Blogs and SEO.  
  • Ad tracking and management.  
  • Social media management.  
  • Video.  
  • Landing Page builder.  
  • Form builder.  
  • Marketing automation.   
  • Email marketing.  
  • Account-based marketing.  
  • Lead tracking management.  
  • Salesforce integration.  
  • Marketing Analytics  



Every business needs to have the best marketing tool in the market to stay competitive. Furthermore, The best marketing automation tools will assist businesses to enhance the customer experience. Additionally, Technology Counter will consult businesses and help them to select the best CRM software in India.  

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