Try These Healthy Foods on Jaipur Sightseeing Tour

Healthy Food Store in Jaipur

Their brand was established in 1954 with the parent branch of Vijay Stores, the most trusted brand in Jaipur for the production and processing of high quality baked goods and food products. You should try these healthy foods on Jaipur sightseeing tour. Ask your tour planners to add this place as a tour destination in your Jaipur sightseeing tour packages. So, you can eat best and healthy food and enjoy your trip.

This store is backed by more than 70 years of experience as the largest manufacturer of traditional hand-roasted condiments in India. You can find so many best places to visit in Jaipur but the places for health food will be blessing to you.

Food to try out Jaipur tour

The strategy of relying on QUALITY has made Vijay Stores known in the consumer market throughout Rajasthan and other parts of the country through its home brand “Govindjee”.

But the story does not end here! There is more information about this food brand that is returning to the market now sounding local.

The Concept behind the Fund

Vijay stores started on a very small scale and were only supplied to local markets in Pink City. Gradually it entered the consumer market under its own brand name “Govindjee” and became popular among the people of Rajasthan.

Their concept embodies the warm hospitality and delicious food embodied in the unique essence of Marwari culture in Jaipur.

Therefore, when they present the unique taste of cultural dishes. Especially namki, gajak, dried fruits and sweets, the Govinje department store differs from all other stores.

Today, Vijay Store (parent branch) is one of the leaders in this open market of ready-to-eat cooked food. Their goal of offering the best quality as a technologically advanced organization that has embarked on its journey as a cottage industry has come a long way.

And to deliver consistent quality to consumers, adapting the mechanism for excellence was the first step of the Vijay store.

Products and Processes

Vijay Store has the status of one of the pioneers in understanding the needs of the emerging market. Therefore, while raising the brand, they adhere to traditional methods of food processing, which makes their products useful for health.

At Govindjee you can find a huge range snacks . Snacks like of Roasted Salts, Dietary Mixtures, Salted Flavors, Ginger, Seeds, Dried Fruits, Sattu and Dalia along with the newly launched Oh Sugar patty.

To reach the customer, they follow a cooking procedure based on the use of natural elements such as water, fire, salt, grains and beans and so on. Also, their products are free of preservatives and have a longer shelf life because of their unique use.

Why Choose Govindjee?

Serving family and friends with the best is what everyone wants. Here Govindjee is one of the best local but popular brands to choose from. The brand has enough confidence in the packaging of packaged snacks compared to other food products currently available on the market. Which are not transparent in terms of processing, ingredients and quality.

Local Indian snacks, which are healthier, more affordable and much easier to buy, make Govindji and their parents ’shop in Jaipur a very good choice for everyone. Delicious snacks from them are the perfect snacks for tea, gifts to send to your loved ones, for diabetics or people with poor health and nutrition or balanced patients.

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