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Types of Amazon FBA Businesses

The FBA in Amazon Business is an all-in-one solution process to sell the respective products to Amazon customers, which stands for Fulfillment by Amazon. With this facility, anyone can launch their product on Amazon. This may show that the third-party sellers would be going through a rough profit, but they have the lion’s share out of all.


According to the 2018 report, almost 58 percent of the whole amazon retail sales didn’t come from Amazon itself, but from the entrepreneurs selling through amazon. Most of these entrepreneurs were small and medium-sized companies initiated with a simple idea and mere capital. Amazon FBA seller businesses in 2022 are going to outshine this record also. However, all the FBA businesses are not the same. They are generally divided into three categories:

1- Reseller

2- Private Label

3- Proprietary.


FBA Reseller

Someone who can find products made by other companies, which can be sold on Amazon for a profit, is the FBA Reseller. This has the lowest barrier to entry throughout. You do not need to produce, store or even ship any product by yourself. To be precise, the company works as a broker than a producer. As a reseller, you have the pros of a low barrier to entry. At first, when someone is not sure if it is fine to start as a reseller or not, he can start as a reseller. It contains a lower risk. Apart from that, this can make you understand how well products sell before you start reselling them.


FBA Private Label

Buying the existing products and then rebranding them as your own before selling them on Amazon involves the Private Label FBA model. Many companies produce unbranded products for reselling and then sell them to other brands. The products of “white label” products are of the same product sold in this type of FBA business arrangement. However, this process avoids a lot of competition; however, it is hypothetically. Once the customers become loyal to your brand, they avoid other company products.

You can start marketing a lot of diverse sets of products from different unbranded companies but under a single brand label.


FBA Proprietary

Unlike other models, this proprietary model allows you to create your product and sell it. Unlike as a broker or middleman, you own both the product and your brand here.

This model is far less susceptible to competition. If you have a patented product, only you can sell those unique products. Here you also become independent from Amazon, and if your account is also shut down, you can still sell your products. Among all models, this is the most consistent and reliable model which can guarantee success easily.


However, if you are thinking of getting started, you may want to take your first step forward as a reseller. But, if you are ready to play along for a long time in this market, then the private label and the propriety model might be a good fit.



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