What Is The Salary Of The Territorial Army Officer?

What Is The Salary Of The Territorial Army Officer?

Serving the nation is the dream of every citizen. It feels so proud and blessed when people wear the army uniform and serve the nation. They give their lives to protect the people and nation. Every citizen is proud of the army that is protecting us from any other country or terrorists. Their main aim is only to protect the nation and they feel proud when they are covered in the flag of India. 

There is one such type of army group for the people who want to fulfil their dream of wearing the army uniform. A territorial army is a volunteer reserve force of the army. This is not a permanent job or a source of earning money. The main job of the territorial army is to lighten the responsibilities the army and help the civil administration during natural calamities. To get the complete job profile for Territorial Army Officer, you must check out BYJU’S Exam Prep. 

Not everyone has the ability to join the territorial army. There are fixed eligibility criteria that need to be followed for taking admission in the territorial army. The criteria of joining the territorial army apart of health, medical, and educational purposes are that one should have a secure job before linking with the army. The territorial is not permanent employment and one needs to be financially stable and have good years of working experience. the age of joining the territorial army is between 18 – 42 years. One should possess a graduation degree from any university. 

Selection Process for Territorial Army 

There is a Selection Process for Territorial Army followed for linking with the territorial. One needs to clear the stages for joining. Only those students are allowed to give the written test whose application will be selected after screening. Two exams will be conducted that you have to clear for selection in the interview. Those students who cleared all the stages will go to the final stage that is by the medical board. 

Salary for Territorial Army 

The people that are selected in the army receive a handsome amount of salary. The Territorial Army Officer salary is lucrative and they also get timely promotions. 

  • The starting rank in the territorial army is of lieutenant at level 10 and their salary has resided between Rs.56000 – Rs.177000. They may get promoted according to the criteria. 


  • The next rank is of captain at level 10A and they may receive a salary between Rs.61000 – Rs.190000. 

  • The next rank in the territorial army is of the captain at level 11. You may reach this level after the promotion and by serving the nation. The salary that is given to this rank is between Rs.69000 – Rs.200000.

  • After a lot of struggle people reach the next level that is of Lt. colonel at level 12A. They receive a handsome amount of salary that resides between Rs.120000 – Rs.212000.

  • The second-highest rank in the territorial army is of colonel at level 13. They receive a salary between Rs.130000 – Rs.215000.


  • The highest rank in the territorial army is of the brigadier at level 13A. They receive the highest salary that resides between Rs.130000 – Rs.217000.

Perks and Incentives for Territorial Army Officers 

Apart from these salaries, the territorial army officers enjoy a lot of other incentives and pensions. The officers with more than twenty years of experience and other ranks officers with more than 15 years of experience get a pension. The territorial army officers are provided with house rent allowance, transport allowance, and uniform allowance at the time of commissioning. The state government gives prize money to the officers who have been awarded medals. Free rations, medical facilities, and other facilities are given to the candidates. The insurance facility is also provided to the officers of the territorial army. The officers may get an option of placement on foreign.

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