What Type of Damages are Covered by Insurance Companies in Dubai?

Most Insurance Companies in Dubai include liability coverage. This covers damages resulting from accidents or other unforeseen circumstances. However, some policies also offer third-party coverage, which provides full coverage in the event of damage to a third-party vehicle. Although it’s not mandatory, it is a good idea to have this type of policy anyway, as it’s less expensive than comprehensive car insurance. 

Insurance Companies in Dubai Cover Accidental Damage

Property All Risks (PAR) insurance in the UAE covers accidental damage and loss. It also covers third-party property damages and losses and liability to third parties. This type of policy also protects the property of tenants and the property of landlords. Other types of coverage include Driver and Passenger Insurance, which protects the driver and any passengers, and Vehicle-Damage and Theft Insurance, which covers damage to the vehicle and the contents within. You can also purchase an Excess Waiver plan, which waives deductibles and other costs.

Insurance Companies in Dubai provide comprehensive coverage. It is the best value option for a car insurance policy. It covers most damages, including engine repair and replacement by an authorized dealer. Other types of damage, like upholstery cleaning, are more expensive and require additional repairs. Most insurance plans cover even natural perils, but they are not always covered. Therefore, it’s wise to check the terms and conditions of your policy before purchasing one.

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Protection Against Fire Damage

The most expensive type of car damage, usually the result of a fire, is engine damage. If the car’s engine is damaged, you’ll have to pay the full cost for a new engine. If the car is stolen, this can cost a further Dh500. In addition, every Car insurance Company in Dubai will cover natural perils and damage due to theft and dishonesty. In some cases, they’ll even cover upholstery cleaning for free.

Most Insurance Companies in Dubai cover accidental damage.  In other cases, insurance companies will also cover third-party legal liability. This means that if you cause an accident, your coverage will pay for the expenses caused by accident. If you’re at a loss for money, your policy will cover any repairs needed. If you’re in the UAE, you’ll need to buy a car insurance policy that covers accidents.

Coverage of Natural Perils

In the UAE, most Insurance Companies in Dubai will cover natural perils. For example, natural perils would include earthquakes, floods, and landslides. The UAE’s Insurance Authority has made it mandatory for car insurance companies to cover these damages. This is good news for consumers and businesses. This protection means that your insurance will also cover the repair if you are damaged in a collision with someone else.

Most of these policies cover natural perils such as fire and storms. The UAE government has not classified floods as a natural disaster. But it has passed laws that protect drivers from any financial ruin. When the car gets ruined, the damage is covered. In addition to natural perils, most insurance policies in the UAE will also cover accidental loss and damage.

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Assistance in Engine Damage

The most costly form of car damage is the engine. The cost will depend on the type of car and replacement parts. Other damages can include upholstery cleaning, which can cost up to Dh500. Many Insurance Companies in Dubai will cover natural perils, but they don’t cover the cost of aftermarket parts. A comprehensive policy covers all of these damages and is a good idea for any vehicle. In case of a fire, your insurance company will pay for the necessary repairs. Even the cost of the fire brigade and the expenses of extinguishing it.


 The former covers the damages that occur in an accident. The insurance companies Dubai cover the loss of profits if the insured party is liable for the damage to the other party. The latter covers accidental damage to the glass fixed to a building. In case of a fire, the insurance company will cover all the repairs and expenses. The policy will also cover the cost of repairing or replacing the vehicle.

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