Amazing Tips On Cricket Betting That People Should Know

Cricket- who doesn’t know about this sport? Only the ones who live under a rock haven’t heard of this widely acclaimed sport. It has been passed on from generation to generation and is at an all-time high now. Especially in a developing country like India, it has reached new heights of craze. Apart from cricketers being worshipped and looked upon as role models, cricket is a sport played in literally every street or ‘gully’, it is known as gully cricket in most parts of India.

There is simply no looking back or stepping on the brakes for cricket in India, the younger generation keeps taking it to new heights. Virat Kohli is the torchbearer of the new generation of aggressiveness and passion. That is what the new generation likes and he gives it to them. This is one way that cricket has changed from way back in the 80s and the 90s. From Rahul Dravid’s immovable defence to Dhoni’s calmness to Virat’s hot-blooded passion, cricket in India has evolved a long way. Cricket will continue evolving to higher stages as time goes on and the techniques and skills will evolve into something entirely different soon. 

One of the major catalysts for these changes could be the 1983 World Cup win for India, no one had expected them to go toe-with-toe with the mighty West Indies who were the champions at that time. It took a miracle for India to win that cup. It was the first major cup win that motivated the generation of that time to chase cricket. Then came the most recent win of 2011, the win that started it all again, the win that ended the drought of 28 years. The win that made Mahendra Singh Dhoni enter the hall of fame. The win has started a wave of youngsters who are inspired to take up cricket as a career, not a hobby. 

Let’s have a look at some tips and tricks for beginners if they want to try their luck in betting on cricket along with their cricket bet id

  1. Start with small bets: There is only a limited amount of money that anyone can invest in betting so rather than the popular motto of “Go big or Go home,” one should try to hone their skills and try to get the hang of it. Investing in small amounts isn’t anything to be ashamed of since everyone has their learning curve and learns differently. Even veterans invest only small amounts on a bad day as they have seen a betting situation like this many times and have become wiser. There is no point in investing large amounts just as soon as you have started, take your time, learn how things go around, and only when you feel confident, take the next step and invest larger amounts.
  2. Take sports betting seriously: The best thing to do would be to treat betting as a business more than a hobby. By treating it like a business, you learn to play it seriously. Since you cannot afford to take a business lightly, you try to give it your all and make it as popular as you can. This is the same case – if you take it seriously, betting will yield results. Start keeping track of your past bets, learn what is happening in the world of betting and try to apply it to your bets. It does not have to be very serious but there should be no scope for mistakes that are born out of negligence.
  3.  Make use of free cricket betting bonuses: India has no shortage of betting sites and companies use the strategy of offering people signing bonuses to get them hooked on their bets. Try to make the best use of different signing bonuses to maximize your investment and get the most out of such sites. There is no bad in utilizing different bonuses on various sites. When there are major tournaments like the ICC, Indian Premier League ( IPL), World Cup, Big Bash League, or any other major league going on, this is when the betting companies start offering such bonuses to new customers to get them on their sites.
  4. Bet on the Underdog: This is something that most people will overlook. The underdog may not always win but if they do, you can always hope to win big. Even India was an underdog in the 1983 World Cup but they took charge, were determined and they did what was never done before- they bought the trophy home! Such incidents aren’t strangers to cricket or any sport in general. Always look out for the underdog or the dark horse who looks good in form and could topple a strong team who aren’t in a good form.
  5. Bet on the best odds: It is a given however you should always bet on the odds with the most chances of winning. Even if you know that they are not going to win, it is the best thing to do since it had the best odds to win at the current time without thinking of any special circumstances which occur unexpectedly. The occurrence of a miracle is rare, not certain but still, it plays an important role in this aspect. Always choose the decision with the best odds at any given time.
  6. Don’t bet on your favourite teams: People love to support their favourite teams and get emotionally attached to them to the point where they bet their money on them. This might not always be feasible. In betting, it is best to leave your emotions at the door since it does not help to bet on your emotions, betting is all about using your brains to bet on the team which has the higher odds to win.

Conclusion: Betting is a risky business as money comes and goes unexpectedly here. Even the top team has no assured victory on any team as the Goddess of Victory could turn her shining torch to someone else in the blink of an eye. Even if you get advice from the most experienced veteran on who is going to win today, they could be wrong and this is considered normal.

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