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Public Speaking tactics to Help Connect with Your Audience

“The fear of public speaking is a primal fear. You can train your body to not be crazy when you’re doing it, but it truly is a primal fear,” said Neal Brennan, an American comedian, writer, producer, director, and podcaster. He is known for co-creating and co-writing the Comedy Central series Chappelle’s Show with Dave Chappelle.

When you give a speech or presentation, the most important thing is to engage your audience effectively so that we can convey our point effectively. Speeches are not like editorials or newsletters and are more likely to disappear once we’ve said everything. We don’t have another chance to hear our voices again in this particular arena.

Therefore, it is not only very important what message we convey, but also how we make the audience feel and how they connect with us.

That is why we must connect with our audience not only with words but also with emotions and not make them hear our message which we have to give but make them feel it. So here they are

Five public speaking tactics to connect with your audience:

Connect them together:

This is an important part of public speaking to keep things on track and not lose the public’s attention. One of the best ways is to bring them back right away and not let the viewer’s mind wander. Therefore, we can do something that is practiced in many rock concerts. Where singers shout loudly and say, “Hello (return to the name of the city)!”. This is because it evokes a sense of belonging in the audience and makes them feel part of something bigger. We can do the same to engage more with the audience, starting with: “You’re all here because you were so touched by (whatever the case) and continued our speech. This will not only help us connect with the audience, but connect them as like-minded people who have gathered there.

Connect with their emotions:

As speakers, we must always be aware that for us humans, emotions are governed by logic. And whatever topic we talk about, we must be able to create an emotional connection with our audience. We can achieve this in several ways, e.g. B. by using statistics, stories, videos, or photos that highlight the importance of the topic we are talking about.

Tell them the benefits of the presentation:

At the beginning of our speech, we need to tell our audience what new today they will learn and how exactly they will learn. Because it makes no sense to think that the audience will listen to us if we don’t have a clear picture of what they will experience at the end of our presentation. If it is clear at the beginning of the presentation that they know why to listen. And what to listen to. They will also be actively involved throughout our presentation so they don’t miss anything.

Entertain them:

Although we can’t all make fun and entertaining speeches or presentations in weird ways. Our audience will appreciate and fully engage with our anecdotes and stories. What they can relate to during speeches, as we have seen in drawing on their emotions, is exactly what we can do with pleasure, by telling a story from the past or offering them a story about our famous historical figure. to underline the point.

Fast fidelity:

Somehow, musicians turn to the city and attract audiences in the name of love or loyalty when they play on stage. We can also do it as a speaker, attracting audience loyalty for some things, e.g. B. country or reason, a product or company to show how important the gift is and when it is done it will make them feel like we are talking to them directly, and they will feel connected.

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