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How to Grow Brand Awareness & Engagement on Social Media

Making it big on social media is a must for all brands in today’s generation, even the small ones. The popularity of social media is massive among people of almost all age groups, and most of them spend a significant amount of their day scrolling through social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc.

This has made many brands ditch traditional advertising methods and give online advertising a fair shot.

Needless to say, it was a huge success because now, social media users highly depend on such advertisements to find the right brands for themselves and make wise purchase decisions.

However, success on social media does not come overnight; brands need to make consistent efforts to increase their brand awareness and engagement rate. This article is your guide for raising brand awareness and engagement rates on social media.

Best Ways to Grow Your Brand Awareness and Engagement Rate on Your Social Channels

Even though social media has become a must-have for most brands in this generation, a small number of brands haven’t yet leveraged the power of social media

As a beginner on social media, things can seem tricky when you see tons of brands similar to your niche, making it big. To ace social media in a short period, here’s a compilation of the most effective tips:

Set Practical Long-term and Short-term Goals

In the initial stage of starting out with social media, it’s normal to get caught up as there are tons of things you need to take care of. You must also understand that you can’t have everything at once.

So, focus on one area at a time and work on that until you see improvements.

For example, in the initial stage, the main motive of a brand is to grow its audience base. So, to reach that goal, they will need to create content accordingly.

Once the number of followers is satisfactory, the engagement rate on posts will require some serious attention.

Small steps will make a big impact in the long run; therefore, setting practical, measurable, timely, and specific goals is the way to go.

Create Out-Of-The-Box Content

No matter how many tips and tricks you use for social media to grow your brand, nothing will work its magic if your content is not engaging enough.

Content is king when it comes to social media, so if you aim to reach a wider audience base online, you must focus on creating out-of-the-box content. The arrival of video content on social media has made audiences spend more time-consuming content online.

However, the drawback is that audiences simply move on to the next one when a video does not contain enough engaging elements. This is why you must make every second count and make your online video content short, simple, unique, and impactful.

All you need to create unique video content is a good script that makes a lasting impression. The production cost can be lowered by using a smartphone for filming and a movie creator for the editing process.

Post video content on products, Q&As, tutorials, customer reviews, and more. Put equal importance on the photos as well – make sure to use graphics that match your brand’s vibe effortlessly.

Tell Your Brand’s Story

Before an audience starts trusting you, they will make sure that they have all the necessary information they need to proceed further.

An ideal way to impress your audience is to share your brand’s human side, with which they will relate. Make a short movie where you talk about your brand’s origin and important events, and share heart-warming stories online.

Such video content has a great chance of going viral if the storytelling stands out. Don’t forget to talk about your brand practices and culture at the end of such videos; keep in mind that it’s the little things that push audiences forward to the next stage.

Don’t Use the Same Content Strategy for All Your Social Handles

Experts don’t recommend being on only one social media platform as a brand because you never know where your target audiences might be. It’s a good idea to be active on all social networks.

Now, it’s true that managing all the social channels is not an easy task – you must take care of all the rules of each platform to make an impact on the audiences. Some brands post the same content everywhere without understanding the rules of social platforms.

As a result, the audiences get a bad impression of the brand and head to other competitors on the platform.

Treat all your social handles equally and modify your content to fit into them effortlessly. Using a movie creator, you can easily modify your content within minutes to make it apt for any social channel.

Hop on The Latest Trends

Trends keep the charm of social media alive; no matter what industry your brand belongs to, there will always be a new trend that audiences will love to follow. Your job is to track what is trending on social media and how you can become a part of it.

Make sure to take action before it’s too late because trends on social media don’t remain for long. Create video content on trending topics using movie creators to match the aesthetics of your brand with minimum effort.

Be Consistent

Seeing posts once in a while is the last thing your audiences would expect from your brand. Brands need to post content frequently to keep their audience’s undivided attention.

Creating a content calendar is a great way to track when you should post. Whatever posting plan you create in your content calendar, make sure that the frequency of your posts remains consistent.


Getting started with social media as a novice might seem like a big deal, as the competition can be tough. However, this doesn’t mean it’s too late to start your social media journey.

One of the main reasons to take online content creation seriously is that it’s way more cost effective than traditional advertising methods. Follow the steps mentioned above wisely and draw your audiences’ attention by making content that stands out to reach your long-term business goals in a very short time.

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